NGCP statement on TransCo’s claims regarding fiber optic network
Thursday, May 25, 2017
Since NGCP took over power transmission services in 2009, it has always been transparent with its operations. It is unfortunate that TransCo chose to bring the issue on the use of the fiber optic network for the national broadband program directly to the media rather than talking to us first. NGCP reiterates that it does not earn anything from existing fiber optic facilities. The main purpose of the network is for the delivery of efficient power transmission services. However, NGCP remains open to transactions with any entity who is interested to develop the national broadband network, with the national government as our priority.

NGCP remains committed to its mandate as transmission service provider with the full awareness of its nature as a public utility, and in full compliance with the rules and regulations of the regulator, and existing laws governing its transmission operations.

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